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How to value your record collection

Record collections are wonderful things but placing a value on them can be rather challenging. There are a number of things that need to be considered, here's a few... Condition - condition is actually everything when it comes to vinyl. From creases on the cover to scratches on the record itself, every flaw brings down the value by a notch or two, I see many water damaged collections that people try to sell, the fact is that collectors don't want that musty smell sitting on their shelves and these collections tend to be worthless. On the other hand, vinyl hat has been cared for and looks new is a great plus. But condition isn't everything... Rarity - if you have a mint condition copy of Paul Young 'No Parlez' it's still only going to be worth a couple of quid at best. Why? Because the album sold hundreds of thousands of copies back in the day and now, the amount of Paul Young collectors compared to the amount of vinyl that is out there is dis-proportionate. This is why you often see the album in charity shops. Fashions change and at some point, Paul Young may become very popular, but until then it is still the classics that are revered. Albums by the likes of Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones in great condition have a higher price put on them, because they tended to be over played when they first came out, so pieces in good condition are hard to find. You can use a website like ebay to value your records, but do you know what you are looking at? Two of the same albums by Led Zeppelin make look the same, but one will be worth £10 and one could be worth £1000. Small things like mis-prints on the label, issue numbers or even who produced the record can make a huge difference.

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