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5 Great Indie Albums to kick off your record collection

There are so many great genres of music and I love to educate myself with all of them but the one I have the biggest passion for indie music. I know that many teenagers have now grown up listening to their parents tunes and looking to recreate the sounds of their early lives. Here's 5 great indie records you could start with. Some of these have been re-pressed and some have not. Originals are always great to get, but don't shy away from a re-press if the pricing has become too expensive to obtain the original.

Nirvana - Nevermind

Not just one of the best indie albums but best albums of all time, Nevermind was constructed in Seattle as part of the grunge movement of the early 90s. Mudhoney are another band from this era worth exploring, but it is Nevermind that sold thousands and caused mayhem at school discos in the 90s.

The original vinyl release on Geffen is indeed sought after, but you there have been a number of re-releases and you can generally pick a new copy up for £20-£30.

The Smiths - Meat is Murder

There is a lot of debate about which is the greatest Smiths album, and this isn't instantly the easiest one to listen to, hitting you over the head as it does with bombastic opener the Headmaster Ritual, but after a couple of listens, all of the finery of the Smiths can be appreciated. The title track drove hundreds to discover vegetarianism, much to their parental dis-taste. A beautiful, intelligent album from Manchester's finest.

Smiths vinyl prices have wavered recently, and you can pick up an original of this album for £15-£30.

Arctic Monkeys - Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not

Introducing Sheffield indie to a new generation are the Arctic Monkeys. A big sell out on CD, we highly recommend going back to the original in its vinyl glory for a full appreciation of their craft. Subsequent albums never hit these dizzy heights again, but as a debut it was brash, brazen and captivating album, up there with the Stone Roses in terms of impact it had on a generation waiting for an album to define it. Speaking of which....(PS originals are again expensive but re-issues are reasonably priced)

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

As segways go, we're quite pleased with that. And as debuts go, the Stone Roses could have also had a smug feeling too, as this was one of the best. Whispering into your ear with 'I wanna be adored' before finishing with crashing drums declaring 'I am the resurrection' it's a brilliant, cocky album that is a pleasure to the ears. The guitar work of John Squires carries the album along a psychedelic/rock trip that many contempoaries tried to emulate, but failed. A cracker. From here, you can explore other stalwarts of the 'Madchester' scene such as Happy Mondays and World of Twist.

The original vinyl has been creeping up as of late and will take your £50 pretty easily, so look for a re-issue at around £20-£25.

Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good

An entry that is perhaps a little out of place, but this peerless release from 1988 really shook up the indie scene. Whilst the legacy of most bands could be easily traced, Bjork's powerful vocals shook up the role of the female lead singer in one swoop, changing the perception of demure front lady to powerful woman carrying the band with her. 'Birthday' remains a classic and the rest of the album is a rough ride through the landscapes of Iceland, touching various themes and leaving a mark on your soul. Check it out. Not been re-released as far as I recall but usually affordable at £10 - £15 - a price that will only go up in time, in my view.

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